Switch code art exercise to feel at home

Pintura instalación de Cathy Weiss. Installation exhibit by Cathy Weiss. Este project is LA Diaspora of peoples around the world, These proyecto es la diáspora de gentes alrededor del mundo, across time and place, a través de lugares y tiempo, and how this scattering of peoples, y cómo esta dispersión de gente, is changing our worldview, está cambiando nuestra visión del mundo. En-LA Mike Kelley Gallery Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, Second floor. Visit this experience! Visita esta experiencia!

(I have to sort of, while I feel and talk, decode the structure of English language to zumo up in Spanish the meaning of what I am feeling from what I see happening around me and viceversa. This is how my brain/corazón works, así es como mi cerebro/heart juega: a constant/e translation of experiencia y sentimiento. Some say I am too slow- soy muy lenta. oh yeah, it can take several lifetimes to unravel the Babel of my tongue from feeling like fish out of agua to Live In Our DNA the many homes of belonging…)

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