Reviewed by Leticia Sandoval


Arcana de los dominios imaginantes is a personal anthology where Antonieta Villamil gives us 40 years of her poetry compiled into one book; a collection that contains the best of 14 titles.

She is a socially committed poet, committed with herself in making sure that those who have been silenced are heard, in making visible those who have disappeared and exploited. She writes against the darkness of society and exile, maintaining the tribal conscience alive. On the other hand, she portrays everyday scenes in a delightful manner. She weaves words into verses where we are able to see the image of our people; an ideal scene to relive our childhood, love, and eroticism.

She reads and sings, creating an energizing atmosphere throughout the pages. In her poetry and prose, she tells us the stories of her motherland, which is now all of Latin America. She creates the words needed and plays with them, demonstrating her artistic and linguistic abilities and follows her own rules. An excellent opportunity to read an entire poetic life, verse by verse, poem by poem.

Antonieta Villamil (Bogotá, Colombia) received the International Poetry Prize Gastón Baquero (2001) for her book Los acantilados del sueño, and the (2012) International Latino Book Award for her book Soluna en bosque: Conjuros para invocar el amor.

Arcana de los dominios imaginantes is a publication by AV Editor.
Reviewed by Leticia Sandoval on 10/2/2016

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