The San Francisco International Poetry Festival.

Bilingual Video of Antonieta Villamil. Festival Internacional de Poesía de San Francisco - San Francisco International Poetry Festival. 

Lectura de poesía en español de Antonieta Villamil, lectura de las traducciones en inglés por Barbara Paschke.

Antonieta Villamil delivers a strong social conscious message at the 2012 San Francisco International Poetry Festival. FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE POESÍA DE SAN FRANCISCO 2012, ANTONIETA VILLAMIL: ÉXITO TOTAL!

Friday, July 27

Main Stage Poetry Readings

Noon—1:30 p.m.
Civic Center Plaza
Main poetry readings by Jack HirschmanAntonie Cassar, Matt Gonzales, Agneta Falkand Alejandro Murguia
Noon—6:00 p.m.
Civic Center Plaza
Next to the Civic Center’s main stage, walk through a “Literary Labyrinth” made entirely out of books, created by Lars Howlett, in collaboration with Innovent Transmedia Production and The International Poetry Library of San Francisco. The labyrinth is free and attendees can take home a poetry book for a dollar or exchange a book by donation
1:454:30 p.m.
Main Library, Koret Auditorium
Main poetry readings by Joachim Sartorius, Scott Thompson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Antonieta Villamil, Barbara Paschke, Jane Hirshfield, Dunya Mikhail and Kareem James Abdul-Zeid.
Book Sales/Signings at Readers Bookstore at the Main (30 Grove St. Main Library).
1:30—3:30 p.m.
Main Library, Latino Hispanic Rooms
Young Voices of SF youth reading and multimedia presentation by the International Poetry Library of SF, Qraven, and Poets in Schools, featuring Zoe Kaiser, Jacqueline Quach and Sally Chen.
Antonieta Villamil presentó su reciente libro bilingüe EL IMPERIO POR UN POEMA - THE EMPIRE FOR ONE POEM en una edición artesanal de 12 ejemplares. El libro fue encuadernado con lomo a mano y traducido al inglés por la autora, y no podía faltar el OK de Barbara Paschke y de Linda Rodríguez Guglielmoni quienes ayudaron con las correcciones. Antonieta Villamil leyó en español y Barbara Paschke en inglés, después de la presentación y lectura del poeta Lawrence Ferlinghetti, en la Biblioteca Central de San Francisco.


“International award-winning bilingual poet Antonieta Villamil gives voice to the stark effects of the perpetual wars that come out of Central and South America. These are wars in which generations of people simply disappear. Villamil lost her brother Pedro to disappearance and uses poetry to connect with his memory. Antonieta Villamil reiterates the role of the poet in society: to be the conscience of a community or a culture”. —PoetsWest 2003.

“For Antonieta Villamil, poetry is an outcry against the hopelessness of reality and power, a refuge where desire smolders, the witness plight against the misery of time and history”. —Trilce Editors Guadalajara Book Fair, 1999.

“The surprising originality of Antonieta Villamil jumps off the page at first glance… Besides the technical experimentation, we find in Villamil the historical footsteps of her tormented country, that is, political poetry. The evolution towards more free forms —a mix of prose poem and verse— underlines her creative power, evermore firm and to the point. We must welcome a young poet of extraordinary promise in the field of literature. Not only promise: the poetry of Antonieta Villamil is a mature contribution of the highest quality”. —Julian Palley, poet, translator, editor and essayist, University of California Irvine; PEN West, 1998.

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