Video of Antonieta Villamil in Los Angeles Times Bomb

Video of Antonieta Villamil in Los Angeles Times Bomb event of poetry for change. 

Photo of Antonieta at the march in protest against the Irak war in 2003. Photp courtesy of the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

ANTONIETA VILLAMIL, international award winning bilingual poet and writer, focuses her writing on the forgotten ones, and honors them with a persistence that compels us to hear their voices. In 2015, she presents in final version ARCANA DE LOS DOMINIOS IMAGINANTES a personal anthology of poetry, poetic prose and poiesis written from 1972 to 2001, and published in limited editions between 1980 and 2012, to celebrate 40 years of writing on her 52 birthday.

Villamil brings a cross-cultural experience to all she does. She presents poetry with a mixture of readings and brief stanzas in an eclectic style using voice and deep song of a multitude of cultures. She speaks poetry as if it were a musical score. The result is an alchemical mixture of rhythms and voices from the Middle East, India, Spain, Africa, to the Latino African, and indigenous peoples of America.

In 2012, she won “The 14th International Latino Book Award, Best Book of Poetry”, and in 2001, “The International Poetry Award Gaston Baquero” in Madrid, Spain. Villamil directs the review and salon POESÍA FÉSTIVAL at Beyond Baroque, which brings poetry to the underserved community of native Spanish speakers.

In 2005, the documentary “Voices In Wartime”, features her next to Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman, Randall Jarrel, Emily Warn, Saul Williams, Sam Hamill, among others. In 2000, Poetry in Motion of The Poetry Society of America published “Green Shoes / Zapatos Verdes” on poster and bookmark form.

ANTHOLOGIES: Antonieta Villamil´s poetry appears alongside Amiri Baraka, Luis Rodriguez, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, among others, selected by poet laureate of San Francisco Jack Hirschman for the anthology “Revolutionary Poets Brigade, Volume I”, edited and published by Mark Lipman. Selected for the testimony book “One Wound For Another”, with an introduction by Elena Poniatowska. For the anthologies “Pinceladas Literarias Hispanoamericanas” edited by Gloria Bautista Gutierrez, published in New York (2005), “Women Looking South,” South American poets in the USA, edited by Zulema Moret, published by Torremozas in Spain.

OTHER AWARDS TO HER POETRY WRITTEN IN ENGLISH: She won the 2002 Prose Poem Award, and was the 2001 Ann Stanford Poetry Prize Finalist. She is an Honorary Member of the Society Alpha Mu Gamma of the National College of Foreign Languages at the University of La Sierra in Riverside, California.

She established in the United States an independent poetry press on the International Poetry Day, March 21 of 2003, as an act of protest against war, violence, occupation, homelessness, disappearance and/or any forms of aggression from any Power of State against The People and/or from one human being to another.