Antonieta Villamil: Regarding what I bring as a poet and performer and my writing style.

The photo is from 1999 at Beyond Baroque Theater, Antonieta Villamil performs a poem to flamenco from her first multimedia performance from the published book TRAIGO COMO ARENA EN LOS OJOS UN POEMA INMENSO. Upstairs at the Beyond Baroque Gallery an exibition of the paintings of Viggo Mortensen.

Antonieta Villamil: Regarding what I bring as a poet and performer and my writing style. Qualification for presentations and performance at seminars/group discussions for book fairs, university conferences, book presentations, poetry festivals, cultural events, etc.

I read and sing my poems. I present poetry in an eclectic mixture of stanzas I read, and short line songs I compose for each poem. I bring a cross-cultural experience. I present poetry with a mixture of readings and brief stanzas in an eclectic style using voice and deep song. I am a performer of poetry in Spanish and English. I speak poetry from the book as if it were a musical score. The result is an alchemical mixture of rhythms and voices from the Middle East, India, Spain, Africa, to the Latino African, and indigenous peoples of America.

I focus my writing on the forgotten ones and honor them with a persistence that compels us to hear their voices. I read directly from the book to make emphases on literacy, the importance of books and the presence of the book as a vital experience in our culture. I present poetry in both Spanish and English and I deliver a strong social conscious message.

I was chosen next to the North American poets Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman, Randall Jarrel, Emily Warn, Saul Williams, Sam Hamill, among others; for the documentary film and anthology edited by Andrew Himes and presented in 2005, “Voices In Wartime”.

Watch video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sxkI9Ix5as 

My poetry has been published in anthologies alongside poets like Luis J. Rodriquez, Amiri Baraka, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Jack Hirschman to name a few. Most recently, I was invited to perform at the 2012 San Francisco International Poetry Festival. Watch short video:

Web page: http://sfipf.org/poets/antonieta-villamil/

Julian Palley writer, essayist and critic of the PEN West association of the USA, wrote in 1998 that “Antonieta Villamil is an extraordinary promise in the field of literature. Not only promise: The poetry of Antonieta Villamil is a mature contribution of the highest quality.”

About my experience regarding 
seminar/panel discussions for book fairs, 
university conferences, book presentations, 
poetry festivals, cultural events, etc.

30 years of writing, performing and editing books and anthologies in Spanish, translating poetry and speaking in public about the power of poetry. A poetry review called POESÍA FÉSTIVAL occupies my time these days. It an annual selection of Latin-American poets writing in Spanish and living in the United States and abroad. The published anthologies are going to be presented on March 21, World Poetry Day at the Literary Center “Beyond Baroque”. The anthology MIGRACIÓN DEL CANTO is in Spanish and I selected the poets. All immigrants and under-appreciated writers from Latin America, writing in Spanish and living in Los Angeles.