The Border Crossed Us An Anthology to End Apartheid winner of the International Latino Book Award

The Border Crossed Us
An Anthology to End Apartheid

Whether you believe in ars gratia artis or see art inextricably intertwined with society, it is an undeniable fact that when social turmoil arises, artists will make themselves heard. This is the case of The Border Crossed Us, a poetic anthology to end the apartheid in Palestine and the U.S., where the Palestinian, Native American and Mexican people have been considered trespassers in their own land by their colonizing oppressors.

In the anthology, you will find strong and unwavering Latino voices by poets such as: Antonieta Villamil, Adela Najarro, César L. De León, Nephtalí De León as well as many more who give testimony of the strength, struggle and resistance by Palestinians, Native Americans and Latinx across the continent.

The Border Crossed Us presents an unapologetic awakening of artists who do not shy away in the face of social injustice, who decide to raise their voices for their fellow brothers in a choir that echoes Luis J. Rodriguez's words, "Free Palestine. Free Native America. Free
Mexico. Free all imprisoned nations."

Mark Lipman (editor) is a writer, poet, multimedia artist and activist. He is the recipient of the 2015 Joe Hill Labor Poetry Award and is the founder of Vagabond press.

The Border Crossed Us is a publication by Vagabond press and can be purchased through their website. Click here to purchase. 

Reviewed by Gerald A. Padilla

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